Sequential Cross-Channel Customer Engagement in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Summary / Description: What should great future HCP engagement look like? Are traditional commercial models dead? Will face-to-face interactions be replaced by digital and virtual-first approaches? During his 45 minutes presentation, Paul will share his vision on how pharma can overcome the challenges but at the same time seize the opportunities in a radically changed environment. The solution lies in offering authentic and value adding customer engagement by adopting a comprehensive cross-channel approach, blending offline and online channels. 

Onderwerp(en) van de dag

17:00  - 18:00  :  Sequential Cross-Channel Customer Engagement in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Spreker : Paul Maris , Certified Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer @WSI


Paul Maris - Certfied Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer @WSI

Benefiting from his 25+ years of pharma industry experience, during which he held positions in marketing, sales and general management, Paul now helps companies embracing the digital era by desiging and implementing effective customer engagement strategies and tactics.

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