How to manage big data in the pharmaceutical world

Rocking Analytics in a Data Flooded world



Companies are being flooded with tsunamis of data collected in a multichannel business environment, leaving an untapped potential for analytics to better understand, manage and strategically exploit the complex dynamics of customer behavior.  In this presentation, we will start by providing a bird's eye overview of the analytics process model and then illustrate how to fully unleash its power in some example settings.  We will review data as the key ingredient of any analytical model and discuss how to measure its quality.  We will zoom into the key requirements of good analytical models (e.g. statistical validity, interpretability, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance etc.) and discuss emerging applications.  Throughout the presentation, the speaker will extensively report upon his research and industry experience in the field.


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19:00  - 19:30  :  How to manage big data in the pharmaceutical world

Spreker : Bart Baesens, Professor in Big Data & Analytics , K.U.Leuven



Professor Bart Baesens is an associate professor at KU Leuven (Belgium), and a lecturer at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom). He has done extensive research on analytics, customer elationship management, web analytics, fraud detection, and credit risk management. His findings have been published in well-known international journals (e.g. Machine Learning, Management Science, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Journal of Machine Learning  Research, ...) and presented at international top conferences.
He is author of the book Analytics in a Big Data World (2014) and co-author of the book Credit Risk Management: Basic Concepts (2008). He regularly tutors, advises and provides consulting support to international firms with respect to their analytics and credit risk management strategy.



19:30  - 20:00  :  CMF and Infonis

Spreker : Xavier Hardy, President, CMF


CMF is a non-profit association founded in 1976 by pharmaceutical companies with as purpose to be a forum of excellence for the study, creation, maintenance & development of databases in the medico-pharmaceutical domain in Belgium & Luxemburg.




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