The efficient management of hospital changes

ING gets involved with the Belgian health system

In February 2017, ING published a report called "Challenges of the Belgian hospital system considering the international experiences", which has had a strong impact in the media and among the executives of the Belgian health system.


All countries in our environment have experienced reforms in their hospital system, and an element that we can find in all of them has been the positioning in front of these reforms of civil society. In the case of the Belgian health system, ING has decided to contribute positively to this collective debate with the Health ProspectING initiative.


To do this, ING has stablished an alliance with the international consulting firm Antares Consulting, which has a broad experience working with the Belgian health system and internationally.


Every year Health ProspectING deals with a specialized topic, related to the major topics of hospital reforms, current issues, or topics that are at the center of the political / economic debate; and always with a prospective look, and a look at the Belgian situation through an international analysis


In March 2018 the second report has been presented : The efficient management of hospital stays

Mutations or Hospital Reforms, what are the implications of these changes for the industry?

- 25 local-regional networks
- Logistics platforms
- Implications of these changes for the industry



18.30: Welcome participants to the conference
19.00-19H45: Conference Edouardo Portella "The efficient management of hospital stays
19H45-20H30: Dominique Winand "Mutations or hospitals reforms, whar are the implications of the changes for the industry?"

20.30: Walking Dinner


Onderwerp(en) van de dag

19H00  - 19H45  :  The efficient management of hospital stays

Spreker : Edouard Portella , President - International Consultant , Antares Consulting


Eduard Portella

Medical Doctor since 1977 (University of Barcelona), he has a specialization in epidemiology and public health, and a complementary training in management in Barcelona and in the University of Montreal.

He has a broad experience in managing health services: as hospital director, as head of a health network, as an expert in the health administration and, in 1979, as head of cabinet of the health minister of the first government of Catalonia.

Since 1995 he is international consultant in the healthcare sector. After a career in multinational companies, he creates Antares Consulting and, currently, he's the president of the company. Along with this he has developed an academic career in several European universities (Barcelona, Brussels, Lausanne)


Antares Consulting

Antares Consulting is an international management consulting company specialized in the healthcare sector, founded 20 years ago. It intervenes in all the components of the healthcare value chain, and has developed projects in 24 different countries.

Antares Consulting mainly works in European countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium) and in Latin America.

Antares Consulting regularly develops more than 150 projects a year.


19H45  - 20H30  :  Mutations or Hospital Reforms, what are the implications of these changes for the industry?

Spreker : Dominique Winand, Consultant, Win and Consulting


Dominique Winand is specialized in strategic and tactical consulting in pharmaceutical and bioscience business.

He is more than 30 years of experience in Pharma Business at National & International and Top Pharma companies levels. He has a strong recognized expertise and experience in the Hospital and Tender Businesses and a solid expert networking




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