Implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive in Belgium: from a linear (unique) barcode to a 2D datamatrix


The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requires all European member states to have a system in place by February 2019 to prevent falsified medicines from entering the legal supply chain. One of the FMD requirements is the presence of a 2D data-carrier on the package, containing coded information such as a product ID and a unique serial number. The presentation will primarily focus on the correct application and implementation of this requirement in order to make the transition from the actual linear barcode (CNK or UBC) to a 2D datamatrix as smooth as possible for pharmacists, pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders involved.


Onderwerp(en) van de dag

 :  Implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive in BE : from a linear (unique) barcode to a 2D datamatrix

Spreker : Tom Henkens , Pharmacist - Responsible for the APB database, APB

Short personal summary:

2000: Master, pharmaceutical science, VUB

2008: PhD, pharmaceutical science, VUB

Since 2009: Software Liaison, APB

Since 2016: Manager Prices and Reimbursement, Invoicing Office and SoftwareSupport, APB

Responsible for the APB database "Tarief - Tarif", including follow-up and implementation of legislative changes regarding reimbursement, pricing, and other health-related policy changes. Involved in the implementation of e-health mediated e-services (such as MyCareNet, Recip-e, Shared Pharmaceutical Record), and other (governmental) IT-projects in pharmacist's software.



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