Overview on promotional activities 2018

Onderwerp(en) van de dag

 :  Channel mix strategies around product launch and how the use of digital channels correlates with launch success?

Spreker : Alexandra Smith (UK) , co-writer

As the prescription medicines competitive environment intensifies, with increased numbers of specialty new active substances coming to market and growing geographic concentration of sales opportunity as a consequence, companies are under pressure to sustain returns by launching commercially successful innovative products with a flat or reducing promotional investment.

Alexandra Smith:

Consultant at IQVIA

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Developmental Biology and Embryology  - University of Oxford (2010-2015)  

Master's degree Biochemistry - University of Oxford (2006-2010)


 :  Belgian overview & trends

Spreker : Patrick Bervelt, Sales Director, IQVIA

Back to the local affiliates after several years at a Regional and Global role in Client Services and Operations
Wanted to re-integrate a commercial function, closer to hisy nature.
In charge of a client portfolio including large pharma companies, medium sized companies and small pharma companies.
Focus is to ensure we present the right solutions and trajects to the clients answering the key business questions and challenges they face



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