The future of Health Care

50 years after its creation, CIB looks to the future of health care



Preliminary Program
12:00 Satellite Symposium APB - Luc Adriaenssens
12:45 BREAK 
13:15 Opening Session - Roland De Schryver   
13:30 The future of healthcare for patients - Vincent Keunen
14:00 Health Insurance Funds, a Future ? - Joeri Staessen  
14:30 The Future of the Healthcare Policy - Pedro Facon         
15:00 BREAK  
15:45 The Future of Hospital Health - Danny Havenith
16:15 When healthcare becomes Delightful - Koen Kas       
16:45 The Future Healthcare System is EQO- Lieven Annemans     
17:15 BREAK  
18:00 Debate - Moderator Lieven Annemans
18:45 Closing Session - Roland De Schryver      


Onderwerp(en) van de dag

12:15  - 12:45  :  Satellite Symposium APB

Spreker : Luc Adriaenssens, CEO, APB


Luc Adriaenssens is the current General Manager of APB. After his Pharmacy and MBA studies, he acquired large management experience in service industries during 25 years. As member of the Executive Committee, he successfully leads several business units (strong relationship with decision makers, high retention rate customers).


13:15  - 13:30  :  Opening Session

Spreker : Roland De Schryver, President, CIB

The "Centre of Inter-pharmaceutical Services for Belgium" (CIB) was created in 1969 at the initiative of pharmaceutical firms which, faced with specific management and marketing problems, decided to pool forces and resources into a center for reflection and action. Today, the CIB represents 22 pharmaceutical companies (effective members) and 25 companies that provide services in the pharmaceutical sector (associate members).


13:30  - 14:00  :  The future of healthcare for patients

Spreker : Vincent Keunen, CEO, Andaman7


Vincent Keunen is the founder and CEO of Andaman7.  Previously, he developed numerous health IT systems, amongst others: MediBridge, meXi and the medical prevention dossier of Idewe, managing today close to 1 million patients.  Software platforms developed by Vincent are still being used by 90% of all Belgian hospitals and doctors. Vincent was also the CIO of success story Lampiris and was awarded the CIO of the year prize for his work there.  When Vincent was diagnosed with leukemia in 2007, and his 10 year old son was diagnosed with bone cancer 3 months later, he decided to use his software engineering skills to provide all patients with a tool to manage their health information on their smartphone while helping medical research find new targeted therapies faster and cheaper.

Short Summary

In this talk, Vincent Keunen will explain how patient empowerment, patient centered healthcare and the effective inclusion of patients in care and research workflows will greatly improve quality and speed while reducing costs and aligning with regulations. Vincent is a patient turned entrepreneur.  He created the first patient driven Andaman7 platform with this triple goal: 1/ empowering patients 2/ contributing to medical research 3/ improving continuity of care. 



14:00  - 14:30  :  Health insurance funds. A future ?

Spreker : Joeri Staessen , Director Network and Sales, Partena Health Insurance Fund


Besides Business Development in the field of health insurance, family support services and health promotion solutions, I get the opportunity to work on growth and service from our Network (40 offices, 475,000 customers).

This by helping to define Partena's mission, vision and corporate policy and translating these into strategic objectives for our own department. On this basis I structure the operation and I ensure that the strategic plans are cascaded, organized and coordinated, all this with a view to the realization of the policy.

Success factors of the policy are performance, digitisation and innovation.

Short Summary

Health insurance funds. A curse or a blessing? More than an administrator? Will or can a health insurance fund have a future in a world full of digitisation.


14:30  - 15:00  :  The Future of the Healthcare Policy

Spreker : Pedro Facon , Director-General Healthcare, Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment


Pedro Facon (°1981) is a public management professional with a passion for healthcare. From 2002 to 2005, he did research at the Public Management Institute (KULeuven). As from 2005 he offered strategy and management advice to general management at the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance. In December 2013, he joined a political cabinet of a Belgian federal minister as deputy Chief of staff. In October 2014, he was appointed Chief of staff Healthcare for the federal minister for Public Health and Social Security, where he was responsible for the launch and supervision of a series of reforms in federal healthcare policy, e.g. the reform of the hospital sector and financing, the reinforcement of mental healthcare policies, the modernization of professional practice regulation, etc. In this period, a series of pluriannual pacts with healthcare stakeholders (pharmaceutical industry, medical devices industry, public insurers, etc.) have been negotiated and concluded.  As from the 1st of February 2017, he was appointed Director-general Healthcare at the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. He is secretary of the Interministerial Conference Health and board member of the Knowledge Center Healthcare (KCE), Sciensano and the eHealth platform. He's a Fellow at the Free University of Brussels and guest professor at the University of Ghent.

Short Summary

The federal political legislature 2014-2019 was characterized by the launch of a series of healthcare policy reforms. The need for these reforms is supported by international and national healthcare experts, but conflicts to some extent with a general feeling with citizens and some stakeholders that the current system is a well-performing system. Moreover the reforms are developing in a context where the equilibrium between political steering of healthcare policy and the historically predominant role of the medico-social concertation model is under pressure. Where are we at, anno 2019? And what can we expect and hope for for the next legislature?


16:00  - 16:30  :  The Future of Hospital Health

Spreker : Danny Havenith, Executive Director, MercurHosp ASBL


Danny Havenith was born in 1970 in Eupen, Belgium. He graduated as Master of Business Administration in 1992 from the HEC-Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Liège/Belgium. He obtained his diplomas in Controlling (1999 Controller Academy Munich) and Master in Management and Health Policy (2010 KUL Leuven).
Working in Company Management for 25 years, he started in the finance, administration and quality management of a logistics company.
He is Internal Auditor for Quality Management and he has been licensed as a transport and logistics company.
After 8 years of management in printing and press companies, he changed into the health sector. He became CEO of the private St. Nikolaus Hospital for ten years until begin 2018.
He is general manager of MercurHosp, the central purchase office of Wallonian Hospitals in Namur / Belgium and independent manager in several companies.


16:30  - 17:00  :  When healthcare becomes Delightful

Spreker : Prof. Dr. Koen Kas, CEO, Healthskouts


Koen Kas is a health care futurist, entrepreneur, professor of molecular oncology, acclaimed international keynote speaker, and author of 'Sick no more' and 'Your guide to Delight'.

He is founding CEO of HealthSkouts & Partner at, a social network of novel health startups. He's pioneering the novel concept of Delight Thinking, combining Real World Data, collected via biomarker and sensor measurements, with design & business model innovations into novel, delightful experiences redefining Health.

Koen is Prof. Oncology at Ghent University in Belgium, and chairs the scientific committee of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation. He is an ambassador for Health House. He serves on the Advisory Board of 7 pioneering healthcare companies and a digital health investor. He is juror of the Prix Galien. He is editor of the mHealth and EJCP journals.

Koen was CSO Oncology at Thrombogenics where he spun out Oncurious, testing a novel drug for pediatric brain cancer. Before he was founder & CSO of Pronota, building a protein biomarker discovery platform and pipeline of 4 diagnostic programs. He was prior to that Director Drug discovery @Galapagos. Previously he set up & directed the Cancer drug discovery program @Tibotec (now J&J). He started his career elucidating the molecular basis of 2 types of cancers.

Short Summary

Personal health can be created. We can build a world in which people get sick no more. Delight thinking, applying emerging novel technologies, is the magic secret. I'll show how that works. I'll introduce our Personal Digital Twin, our digital guardian angel, care companion and permanent personal assistant. I show how digital developments allow us to access an almost untapped resource of data which will lead us into a new era of pharma, starting to explore aspects of personalized prevention and wellness.



17:00  - 17:30  :  The future healthcare system is EQO

Spreker : Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans, Professor of Health Economics, U Gent


Lieven Annemans is Senior Full Professor of Health Economics at the Faculty of Medicine at Ghent University.

He has twenty years of experience in health economics research and published >250 papers on health economic evaluations of prevention programmes, medicines, medical devices and diagnostics.

He was advisor to the Belgian Minister of Health from 2001 to 2003 and president of the Flemish health council from 2003 to 2009. He is author of books on health economic evaluations ('health economics for non-economists') and on the future of our health care systems.

He provides international lectures, trainings and advice on health economics, health care system reform and health technology assessment (HTA).



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